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Fact check: Joe Biden did not say ‘his people’ would ‘keep burning, looting and killing’ if he lost the presidential election 

Shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook in the lead-up to the Nov. 3 general election, posts falsely claim that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that “if he loses, his people will keep burning, looting and killing.” Spread as civil unrest in several U.S. cities has converged with protests against police brutality and white supremacy, this claim is not true.  

Fact check: Video does not appear to show child trafficking rescue operation in Israel

Social media users are sharing a false video that shows children being pulled out of a container, claiming it shows Israeli soldiers saving children after a three-week COVID-19 lockdown and implying that coronavirus may be a cover for child trafficking. However, a longer version of the video shows that four women are also taken out of the container along with the six children and local media reports say the video shows Islamic State (IS) linked individuals being caught as they attempted to escap

Fact check: An altered video appears to show speechless spectators after Biden announces tax rise

Social media users have been sharing a video, which appears to show spectators in silence after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announces taxes would be raised, not cut, if he were to be elected. Longer footage from the original campaign rally, however, shows that this video has been edited to cut out the context of Biden’s words and add in the silence and spectator close-ups that follow.